Top 5 Ideal Protein Diet Side Dish Ideas

Gone are the days when a side dish consisted of over-steamed beans or wilted spinach. Dull, unimaginative side dishes are probably the reason most people don’t enjoy their veggies, or why it’s difficult to get fussy eaters to try something different.  Check our top 5 recommendations for ideal protein diet side dish ideas.

When you mention side dishes, people immediately think starchy foods like mash, baked potato or fries, all packed with calories, sugar and unsaturated fat. No matter how healthy your meal, choosing the wrong side dishes could negate your very best efforts. By taking a bit more time to prepare and maybe adding a few more ingredients you can have a selection of protein-rich side dishes that will knock the socks off family and friends.  We’ve listed a few of our absolute favorites that are quick and easy to prepare and even easier to eat. To be honest, some of these are good enough to eat as a meal on its own.
Squash fries

Never mind a side dish. We suggest you always make more than you think you’ll need so everyone can snack on these. Squash fries are bright in color and bold in flavor. And because they’re low in fat and high in nutrients, you can eat more of these unlike those belly-bloating fries you get at restaurants and fast food outlets.

Roasted garlic cauliflower

Once you’ve tried this it’ll become a favorite for the entire family, and it tastes so good no one will even realize how healthy it is. The cauliflower is baked in coconut oil and garlic and served with salt and pepper, and fresh parmesan. Even though the flavors are strong they don’t overpower the main dish. Don’t be offended if people don’t eat the main and rather ask for seconds of this.

Roasted sweet potato and Brussel sprouts

Another delicious side dish that packs a powerful punch is roasted sweet potato and Brussel sprouts. Not only is it tasty, but the Brussel sprouts and sweet potato have so many vitamins and nutrients. Brussel sprouts provide detox support and studies even show a connection between them and the prevention of cancer. A side dish that doesn’t only taste good, it does good too.

Roasted lemon parmesan garlic asparagus

Often overlooked, asparagus is packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and it’s filled with inulin. This is a ‘prebiotic’ that’s passed undigested into the large intestine where it becomes the food source for bacteria associated with better absorption of nutrients. Asparagus roasted with lemon, garlic and parmesan makes the ideal side dish, rich in nutrients and flavors, and perfect to dig into.

Apple cranberry almond coleslaw

If you’re looking for the ideal side dish to pair with your burger or lamb chop, it’s here! The sweet coleslaw is made using mayonnaise and Greek yogurt, reducing the fat content, and a touch of honey for extra sweetness.

These side dishes are so delicious they won’t be in the shadow of main meals anymore. They’re a meal on their own.  If you’re curious, you might like to pair these side-dishes with our top 5 ideal protein diet dinner ideas!