How Much Protein You Really Need to Consume on the Ideal Protein Diet

Protein is a necessary part of the diet to efficiently help the body perform various vital functions like providing the body with energy, growth, and repair of worn out tissues and aid in muscle building.

The amount of protein that your body requires every other day is not known and agreed yet by nutritionists and health organizations, but they have set some guidelines on the amount of protein that your body must have each day. Nevertheless, your intake depends on how much your physician recommends fit to your body needs.  Here’s our call on how much protein you need for the most ideal protein diet.

Basic Protein Intake Guidelines

A physical fitness experiment has come up with protein quantities recommended for both genders. Their take on protein intake per day is that men should consume at least 55 g to 70 g and women at least 40 g. The figures were supported up by a medical research that suggests an intake of 50 g to 175 g proteins per day, and this is based purely on what activities you engage in each day. Various individual factors make it difficult for nutritionists and health organizations to set standards of how much protein to eat each day on the ideal protein diet. All said, protein intake should not be so much trouble if you are 4 years and above.

Intake as by Body Weight

You should consume a minimum of 0.8 g of protein for every 1 kg of the total body weight, this formula for protein intake has been proven to work effectively. For example, if your body weighs 50 kg, you will require at least 40 g of protein every day. Majority of people have understood the way around their diet with the average adult having a protein intake of about 100 g per day.
It is easy to consume the right amount of protein if you know your body weight, all you are expected to do is multiply your body weight with 0.8 g if it’s in kilograms. But if your weight is in pounds easily convert it to kilograms by multiplying it with 0.454, then multiply by 0.8 g to get your daily protein intake.

Calories Requirement in Percentage

Exercise physiologists recommend that all your body protein intake should have about 10-15 percent of total calories consumed. For instance, if you consume 2000 calories each day, 200-300 of those must be from protein. One protein has four calories, so according to the protein formula, we need about 50 g to 70 g for that day. There is a caloric calculator accessible online that you can use to calculate your caloric intake.

More Exercise, More Protein Required

Athletes, bodybuilders, and people who do various exercises have more protein needs to stimulate the growth of new tissues because of the stress they put on their muscles. For a highly active adult who exercises for about 30 minutes a day, the protein needs will rise to 1.5 to 2.0 g per the body weight compared to a dormant or not an as much active individual whose requirement is 0.8 g. Therefore, if you are a bodybuilder who has a body weight of 80 kg, your body will require about 160 g proteins per day.

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